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The Empretec Team for India comprises the Consultative Committee, the Office of National Director, Programme Facilitators. Implementation Partners are those institutions that have subscribed to the programme for the Empretec training of their officers, clients, suppliers, distributors, and in the case of Indian state governments and government agencies -- high impact entrepreneurs. Empretec India Foundation promotes India Empretec programme. the UNCTAD-Empretec (Empretec) Programme for India.

Consultative Committee

This advisory body comprises officials of the Investment and Enterprise division, UNCTAD; nodal divisions for Empretec installation in Indian state governments (principal secretaries of industry, MSME, labour, HR, etc.); Government of India (Neeti Ayog, Ministry of MSME, Commerce and Industry); representatives of external governments that are based in India, industry representatives and specialists in legal, technology, social, economic, and political affairs. The Committee advises the Office of the India Director and meets at least once a year at the UNCTAD headquarters, Geneva, to discuss progress and set the agenda for Empretec's installation and development in India for the year ahead.

Programme Facilitators

Office of National Director

The Office of National Director coordinates the installation and development of the programme in the country. As it strengthens relationship with its institutional partners--governments, banks, public and private corporations, chambers of commerce-- it coordinates effort and activity with Empretec centres worldwide and with UNCTAD's Division of Investment and Enterprise that runs the programme in 36 countries.

Implementation Partners and Supporting Institutions

Implementation partners are those that are interested in Empretec because they wish to promote an entrepreneurial culture in their organizations in keeping with the UN's values, principles and methodology. As Empretec expands in India, several organizations from the public, private and governments--both, in India and those who wish to build business linkages with the country--are getting involved. Some are:

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